Michaela Crown

Michaela Crown Michaela is a Pacific Northwest native. She is a former dancer and loves to work with dancers as their physical therapist or their teacher. She also loves to work with patients experiencing vertigo or looking to prevent falls. What Michaela loves most about being a physical therapist is her ability to help patients […]

Heidi Petersen

Heidi Petersen PTA, BA, CSCS, FAFS Heidi has lived in the Pacific Northwest most of her life and enjoys the outdoors hiking with her dog.  She has worked as a PTA since 1994. She finds fulfillment in all aspects of patient care whether it’s simply making someone smile to teaching them to walk again, it […]

Steve Pipe

Steve Pipe, DPT, FAFS Clinic Director Steve Pipe is a lifelong basketball player, avid snowboarder, and golfer. He believes exercise is an integral part of his patients’ lives and their overall health. Steve has a strong belief that many ailments and injuries can be corrected with movement. His balanced approach to treatment utilizes various manual […]