Balance & Fall Prevention

At FTG Physical Therapy, we want our clients to have the opportunity to live life at their fullest without constantly having to be concerned about being in pain or becoming injured. We strive to help prevent people from injury due to a fall. We all want to live fuller lives through remaining at our own homes as we grow old, being able to play with our children, and enjoying life the way we choose to.

Fall prevention physical therapy is a great way to maintain your life and remain independent as you become a higher risk for falls. FTG Physical Therapy’s main goals for fall prevention include increasing independence with daily living activities, increasing independence with functional mobility, decreasing fall risks, preventing future falls, increasing safety, and patient education.

Do you have feelings of being dizzy or unsteady or feeling of pain or stiffness while walking? These are two common warning signs of being a fall risk.  Other signs may include holding onto objects for support, weak legs, taking more than one medication, and eyesight problems. Despite these warning signs, FTG Physical Therapy will give you the help you need to continue your life without feeling like you are experiencing any limitations.

Our physical therapists are extremely skilled in fall prevention physical therapy for fall prevention. We will tailor a physical therapy program specific to your needs and the length of the program will vary depending on the severity of symptoms and your specific goals. After your initial evaluation, we will begin a treatment plan with your input.  Most patients will follow a gradual path of three different phases. The first phase will typically involve therapeutic interventions to decrease symptoms and an exercise program. We will continue the program until all of your needs are met.

If you feel that you may benefit from fall prevention physical therapy, please give our office a call and we will be happy to assist you.

Strategies that may help reduce the risk of a fall include:

  • Don’t let clutter accumulate, especially on the floor.
  • Use a walking stick, cane, or walker for improved stability.
  • Wear supportive, rubber-soled shoes to improve traction, but avoid “sticky” rubber soles.
  • Walk on grass when sidewalks are slippery.
  • In winter, use kitty litter or salt to address icy sidewalks.
  • Be careful on slippery, polished floors, such as marble.
  • Avoid walking in stocking feet or slippers.
  • Avoid using throw rugs, or make sure they have skid-proof padding or have been tacked to the floor.
  • Be sure carpets are wrinkle-free.
  • Use a rubber bath mat in the shower.
  • Be sure all stairways have handrails and bathrooms have grab bars near the bathtub or shower and toilet.

Functional Therapy Group Provides Balance and Fall Prevention at the Following Locations:


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