Back Pain

Poor posture, injury, or a lack of proper exercise can lead to recurring episodes of back pain that become more common over time. Whether you’re suffering from your first episode of lower back pain or are experiencing discomfort following extensive treatments or surgery, seeing a Functional Therapy Group rehabilitation specialist is your first step to becoming your best self. You and your therapist will focus on your individual spinal health, work together to understand the causes of your pain, then discuss appropriate steps to reduce or eliminate it.

Back pain can be caused by poor posture, lack of exercise, or injuries. However, back pain physical therapy can significantly improve your quality of life by understanding the causes of your pain and what steps are needs to improve it or eliminate it completely.

Back pain can be categorized into three different types: acute, recurrent, and chronic.  Acute pain is pain that lasts less than three months, recurrent pain is acute pain that continuously returns, and chronic pain is any pain lasting more than three months.

Back pain most often occurs due to overuse, strain, or injury. Excessive bending, twisting, lifting, or sitting can be common causes.

If you are currently experiencing lower back pain, it is important to stay active and to continue your normal routine. Bed rest that lasts longer than one day can slow down recovery. If pain lasts more than a few days or if your pain worsens, schedule an appointment to see our physical therapist.

Back pain physical therapy has become the most preferred method of treatment. At your first appointment, our physical therapist with perform an initial evaluation that includes:

  • Your health history
  • Questions about your specific symptoms
  • Identifying posture, flexibility, muscle strength, joint mobility, or movement problems
  • Assessment of how you use your body on a daily basis


If you are experiencing back pain, come get help from one of our excellent physical therapists and find the relief you need through back pain physical therapy.

In most cases, imaging tests are not needed to identify the cause of back pain.

Not all back pain is the same, so your treatment will be specifically tailored to your needs. After your evaluation, our physical therapist will evaluate the results, identify what has contributed to your back problem and a personalized treatment plan will be created for you.  Treatments may include:


  • Manual therapy, including spinal manipulation, to improve the mobility of joints and soft tissues.
  • Specific strengthening and flexibility exercises.
  • Education about how you can take better care of your back.
  • Training for proper lifting, bending, and sitting; for doing chores both at work and in the home; and for proper sleeping positions.
  • Assistance in creating a safe and effective physical activity program to improve your overall health.
  • Use of ice or heat treatments or electrical stimulation to help relieve pain.

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